Craft Mall

Dealer #88 – Hidemasters of Colorado

This duo has over eighty combined years of experience in producing the highest quality leather products. Pat is the artist. She focuses on design, stamping, and tooling. Joe is more of the craftsman. He takes the hides, cuts them into belt blanks or whatever is necessary. He edges, dyes, and finishes all the products. Together they make a marvelous leather team. Their handcrafted leather products are made in Colorado. The four cornerstones of their products are quality, functionality, durability, and design.


Dealer #TREP

This new vendor comes straight from the heart of her passions. Trudy and her husband built their log cabin and woodworking shop and are now creating lodge/cabin themed projects. Trudy enjoys working with pine cones, sticks, wood slabs, paints, burlap, (after making decorations for her daughters wedding last year :), wood burning, carving….a little of everything! Look for Trudy’s next project which is Cedar bar stools with tree cut outs.

Click on the following images to see examples of their products:

Dealer #GL – Grunge Lady

We welcome this gal with open arms open arms and a smile. Hailing from Rome, Wisconsin, Cindy has a way of making old look new again with some stain, nature, fiber, and a bit of imagination. Lending itself to the phrase “rethinking dirty” with a bit of grunge.

Click on the following image to see examples of her products.