Craft Mall

Dealer: Nancy White (RE)

Dealer: Maria Ward (RIAS)

Maria Ward

DEALER: Sue Geraldi (WO)


I am a distributor for Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint which is Made in the USA (Michigan).

My mission is to recycle, revamp, reuse , and in the process use all natural ingredients to get it done. Using Wise Owl Paint has saved many furniture, glass,and  wood pieces from the landfill.

Wise Owl Paint products are zero VOC and nontoxic! Our acrylic blend mineral paint has amazing coverage superior adhesion to most surfaces. 

We carry Cling-On paint brushes, varnish, furniture wax, hemp seed oil, glazes, and our all natural Furniture Salve!

If you can’t find a color or product in the craft mall you can visit my etsy site to order and have it shipped to your house.


Dealer:  Sue Mueller

With over 300 artists in our massive craft mall it’s hard to choose a favorite. Check back often to see our latest and greatest. See our current featured artists >>

Dealer:  Sue Mueller (Bio)

I have been crazy about animals all of my life. My interest intensified during the time I was a rehabilitator, and then an animal caretaker for exotic animals.

Now I use photos, usually ones I have taken, as the inspiration for artwork that I create using colored pencils on wood. Before I begin each piece, I attempt to figure out what emotion the animal would be feeling, and then I do my best to portray that emotion in the artwork. 

It takes many hours to complete the work, and a coat of water-based varnish is applied as a finishing touch to protect it.

On most Saturdays and Sundays, I am at my easel in the Craft Mall, doing artwork.

I am always pleased to have people stop to visit me!